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Practice Environment - How To Achieve Longer Periods Of Focus

If you were studying for a test, would you have the TV on and your cell phone out?  Do you find yourself getting distracted easily? Do you feel like your attention span is shorter than it used to be? No, this isn't a commercial for a prescription drug. During the age of instant information, distractions have become an accepted part of life.  Some people can be successful in this environment, while others cannot.  What you need to learn about yourself is if you’re someone that can focus in a noisy atmosphere and distraction filled environment, or someone that needs a distraction free zone.   Your practice area needs to be conducive with how you get into your “zone”.  You need to be in a setting that amplifies your attention span and eliminates external distractions.  Even the most focused people can't help but be interrupted by Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram notifications.   The goal is to eliminate unnecessary distractions.Try this:

  1. Cell phone off practice sessions:  practice time is precious these days. Competing priorities make it difficult to devote significant time to uninterrupted practice. When you find that time it needs to be maximized. Try turning your cell phone off. No, not just on silent, completely off. The goal is extend the duration of you uninterrupted focus.

  2. Declutter your practice area:  Many people find that a clean work space helps declutter the mind. When you're trying to achieve long levels of focus there are less items in the room to subconsciously draw your attention away from your practice session.

  3. Use tools that enhance focus:  Use mirrors and metronomes to hold you accountable. You're less likely to use your practice time for a ram session if you have a metronome on at a specific tempo you're working on.

  4. Have a dedicated practice area: Rather than drumming on your pad in front of the tv, try setting up an office style practice area.  If you don't have the room and you live in a climate that allows, you can practice outside. Try getting away from the city and taking in what nature has to offer.

Tag us in a picture of what your practice set up looks like!

Author: John McClean

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