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The Tape Trick

The only way to fix a critical deficiency is to bring constant awareness to it. Rather than trying to fix 10 things at once, just start with one. 

A good way to do this is called the tape trick. It's as easy as placing a piece of stick tape on your practice pad or the inside rim of your drum, facing you. On the tape, in the shortest amount of words possible, write down your biggest opportunity area. The tape might read 10% more sound, lower taps, correct playing zones, rebound etc. The idea is to constantly bring your attention back to this issue you're trying to improve on.  If you’re a section leader you might want to consider having each member of your drumline do this (just don’t forget to add one for yourself!)

Whatever comment you’re getting the most from your instructor is what this piece of tape needs to read. This method is incredibly effective in achieving results quickly. Once you've mastered the opportunity area on your tape, create a new one with the next area you're looking to improve. The beauty of this method is there will always be something for you to write on your tape. Remember, It’s important to only have 1 piece of tape at a time.  If you spend about 80% of your practice time you’ll be throwing away the old ones and adding new tape in no time!

Drum smart. 

Author: John McClean

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