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What You Learn From Getting Cut

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

I've been cut from a lot of places….When I say a lot… I mean a lot.  

Freshman year of HS- cut from everything except alternate cymbals 1999

Capital Regiment 2003

Momentum 2003

Was I discouraged? At the time, sure.  When I look back now I realized how valuable each one of those experiences was. I learned far more from being cut than I ever would from making a line due to the fact I received valuable feedback around my deficiencies. It's the old adage of learning more in defeat than you do in victory. Every single one of those auditions hammered home things that I'd had brushed off or convinced myself were not critical deficiencies.

It's easy to get cut from a line and pass blame onto third parties. Often times people blame the staff, their instructor, the conditions under which the audition took place, and even their competition. It's rare that someone places the blame on themselves. I can assure you that the staff from the drum corps you're auditioning for has given you a fair shot. It’s in their best interest to do so. Same with your percussion instructor.  

Everyone wants you to succeed. Being cut is never fun, but use it as a tool to ask the instructors what your greatest issues were and continue to refine and evolve your practice routine.

Stay humble. Stay hungry.

Author: John McClean

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