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The BLACK Wristband

I want you to think about martial arts. They incorporate a belt system that displays your rank within the activity. The belts outside of the program hold low monetary value, but within the activity they hold significant reverence. At Percussion IQ, we value the improvements made by individuals based on their progress through our IQ test series. We are excited to share our version of a “black belt”, the BLACK WRISTBAND. This may sound silly at first, but the significance behind the black wristband represents hard work that is both effective and efficient. This wristband cannot be purchased and could only be obtained through 3 methods.

  1. Take a Snare or Quad IQ test and score a 90.0 or above. These tests are designed for the players striving for peak performance in our marching activity. The music is written at the highest level to challenge different principles of world class rudimental drumming. Receiving a black wristband signifies you have MASTERED a majority of elements such as consistent sound, controlled energy shifts, chops, modulation, smooth dynamic states, etc.

  2. Hired as an instructor for Percussion IQ. At Percussion IQ, we only bring in top instructors who at one time were elite players. We think it’s important that our instructors at one time were the best in the activity when they were of marching age so they can share their secrets that lead to their individual success. We want to continue the lineage of strong individual players and having staff with that pedigree is a valuable asset

  3. At a live Percussion IQ Clinic, you score the highest score of the Snare or Quad attendees and/or break a score of 90. Live auditions are nerve racking and like anything else, you need experience auditioning to master it. Attendees at our clinics have the option to take a 1:1 assessment with our world class staff and be evaluated. The black wristband recognizes the strongest performance of the clinic on some of the most difficult rudimental music in the activity today.

The following IQ test folks will be receiving their black wristbands for previous IQ tests scoring above a 90: Chris Drummer, Alan Aungst, Jay Reddicks, Sean Clark, Richard Ramos, and Landon Gray. At our recent SoCal clinic, Andrew Ocampo scored the highest out of the Snare/Quad IQ attendees and received a black wristband. WILL YOU BE NEXT?  Take the test and submit your video link at checkout today --> PERCUSSION IQ SHOP

Author: Matthew Regua

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