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Why Attend A Percussion IQ Clinic?

In order to march in the top DCI and WGI lines, you need to be prepared for rigorous auditions and display a full arsenal of drumming. A majority of our improvements come from hard work at home, but that begs the question: “What should I focus on the most right now to get better?” There are the few lucky students who are in drumlines with amazing instructors, or taking weekly lessons, but what if you don’t have those resources? That’s where Percussion IQ comes in. Percussion IQ clinics focus on the individual. Only the best world class instructors are hired to focus on each individual there. Below are 5 points only offered at a Percussion IQ clinic.

  1. One-on-One Audition Simulation - No other clinics offer an opportunity to perform for a world class instructor, one-on-one, just like you will experience at most world class drum corps auditions. Each attendee will come in and play prepared material for the instructor and receive their own Personal IQ Test Report at the end of the clinic. After this experience, you will definitely know what to focus on at home because your weaknesses will be broken down and remedied.

  2. Full Video Coverage - Percussion IQ incorporates multiple cameras throughout the clinic to simulate the experience of being in a top WGI or DCI drumline. You will constantly be playing under pressure and must learn to remain calm with the cameras on you. For those who sign up for the custom video package, their personal audition and Rule of 16 performances videos will be provided after the clinic for your own analysis and critique.

  3. Rule of 16 with a Pro - Each of our clinics incorporates at least 1 best-in-the world player who will be drumming with all the students ALL DAY. When the time comes for Rule of 16, each student will line up next to the pro to drum alongside them. Each attendee will have the chance to balance and play clean with the best of the best.

  4. 10 to 1 Ratio - Percussion IQ firmly believes in the individual. At many other clinics, there will be 20 - 30 students with only 1 instructor. It is highly improbable that the instructor can give personal input with that many students, making individuals feel invisible at times. At the Percussion IQ clinic, there will NEVER be a situation where an instructor is working with more than 10 students. The number of clinic attendees is capped based on the number of instructors teaching. One of Percussion IQ’s missions is to ensure each student gets a personal world class experience.

  5. Pre-Planned Material - Each attendee will receive exercises and music to learn at least 30 days before the clinic start date. The music will be at different skill levels, so you can work on the material that fits your current performance level. These custom exercises and musical charts will be broken down at the clinic and performed for your parents and guardians at the end of the day. This is done because great value is put on the performance. All top drumlines in the world work on the same music 3 - 9 months before championships. Percussion IQ wants to mimic that feeling by giving all attendees the opportunities to maximize the music ahead of time to perform with confidence at the performance at the end of the clinic.

We at Percussion IQ hope you are as hyped about these unique opportunities as we are. Each attendee’s drumming is personally deconstructed so you know what to practice, and how to practice. We can’t wait to help guide and mentor you on your drumming journey. Let’s Drum Smart.**Our next clinic will be held on May 20th! Check out the link for more information about this amazing day we have planned for SoCal Snare and Quad drummers. SoCal Snare & Quad clinic

Author: Matthew Regua

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