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This book was written to give a pathway for achieving excellence as you drum advanced marching percussion pieces. Without incorporating a methodical process, the time spent is both inefficient and ineffective. The focus is not on the pieces itself, but rather understanding the process to breakdown the pieces into elemental forms. Our hope is that anybody who studies this book does not only learn the music, but also gains a higher understanding how to address their weaknesses.


What's in it?

  • 15 assessments
  • 15 breakdown exercises
  • 3 musical pieces
  • Breakdown commentary with countermeasures to address deficiencies
  • QR Code + Links to watch a PIQ member perform the exercises.

We are firm believers of the fact that what separates good from great players is that great players can play all difficulty levels of music with a full sound supported by clear control of hand mechanics, tempo, rhythmic control, and muscular endurance. It's not a coincidence that great players are also systemic in nature, with a clear understanding of the process to get to excellence. May this book be a vehicle that helps move you from good to great.

Deconstruction Volume 1


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